Soldiers relieve police guarding synagogue

Tomorrow, the first group of soldiers will be deployed in Copenhagen’s streets

As a result of the parliamentary agreement between the political parties back in April 2016, units from the Danish army will be deployed in the streets of Copenhagen.

The soldiers will be relieving police presently on guard outside the synagogue in Krystalgade, as well as a number of other locations.

The police have been stationed outside the synagogue ever since a terrorist attack in February 2015 left a security guard, Dan Uzan, dead from gunshot wounds.

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Too much overtime
The decision to station troops has been taken largely because figures from the state police, Rigspolitiet, showed that the national police force had accumulated massive amounts of overtime.

However, when the issue was being discussed in April, Claus Oxfeldt, the head of the police association, Politiforbundet, told TV2 News that “Denmark is not at war, which is what the military is trained for.”

Oxfeldt contended that the police were open to the military assisting them with tasks such as border control, automatic traffic control and emergency situations, but the police should always be in charge.

“The police are trained to respond to a civilian population. The police are the authority during times of peace.”