Out & About: Paddling around by the promenade

A wide range of different nationalities gathered in front of the Opera House on September 1 to initiate the SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarding) competition

They started the international ceremony by ritually pouring sand from their respective countries into glass containers

The ambassador of Morocco, Khadija Rouissi, was among those in attendance waving their national flags (left)

Spectators surrounded the course, which began and ended at the Opera House. The event marked the beginning of the World Championship International Surfing Association (ISA) for prime SUP competitors

(photo: Twenty Knots)

Also on opening day, amateur athletes could participate in KANTRUM SUP, a new concept derived from the opposing Danish words ‘kant’ (edges) and ‘centrum’ (centre), which took place in major cities and smaller sites across Denmark, with Copenhagen chosen as the summit for this SUP Crossing