First frost could be on the horizon for Denmark

Temperatures set to plummet early next week

There’s little doubt that autumn is upon us in earnest. Temperatures have fallen, last month was the wettest September in 16 years, the leaves have begun turning yellow and falling, and heavy coats have begun appearing.

And according to TV2 News, the first frost of the year could hit Denmark on Sunday or Monday morning as temperatures threaten to fall close to zero.

The reason for the falling temperatures is a high-pressure movement pushing cold air down from the north.

Temperatures could fall to just above freezing on Sunday morning and then plummet to below freezing on Monday morning.

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Winds and rain
Jutland looks to be most likely candidate to see the frost, which traditionally appears during the first half of October.

It could be worse. In 1995, the first frost showed up on August 30, though it didn’t appear until October 24 last year.

But until the first frost does rear its frigid face, parts of the country can look forward to storm category winds and copious amounts of rain.

DMI has sent out a weather bulletin today warning of storm category winds in Jutland and Bornholm, as well as significant amounts of rain on Funen.