Peter Madsen to remain behind bars

Disturbing videos discovered on submarine owner’s computer

Submarine owner and murder suspect Peter Madsen, who is being investigated for killing the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, will remain in remand for another four weeks according to the City Court.

The judge made the ruling based on the autopsy report and the discovery of evidence on a hard disk on Madsen’s computer.

Wall’s final cause of death has not yet been ascertained, but the court session did reveal that Wall’s arms, legs and head were removed using a saw after she had died. Wall’s body also showed traces of violence that occurred around the time of death.

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Maintaining innocence
The prosecutor said the police found videos containing fetish, torture and real executions of women on Madsen’s computer. Madsen was not involved in making the videos. Madsen countered that he was not the only person to have access to the computer where the videos were found.

Madsen continues to maintain his innocence in the case, arguing that Wall’s death was an accident. He contends that Wall died after being struck by a hatch cover weighing 70 kilos.

The court ruling means that Madsen will remain in custody until at least October 31.