Peter Madsen’s DNA to be tested in connection with unsolved murder cases

Christian Wenande
October 10th, 2017

This article is more than 7 years old.

Swedish police keen to match profile to other cases involving dismemberment

The DNA of Peter Madsen, currently being held in connection with the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, will be compared to samples taken in connection with unsolved murder cases.

The Swedish police have a number of unsolved cases involving dismembered female bodies and the Swedes want to test Madsen’s DNA in connection with those cases.

There are not any specific suspicions that Madsen was involved in the other crimes, but it’s standard procedure to check, particularly given that Madsen apparently spent a lot of time in Scania at the time.

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EU DNA co-op
From November 1, Denmark and Sweden will connect their DNA databases, thus making it possible to search in both registries and compare DNA.

The amalgamation is part of an EU co-operation that also includes Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

Madsen is currently being held on remand until at least October 31. He has pleaded not guilty to killing and dismembering Wall, though he admits to having ‘buried’ her at sea.

Over the weekend, and with the help of specially-trained Swedish carcass sniffer dogs, Wall’s missing head and legs were recovered from the sea near Copenhagen. Wall’s arms are still missing.


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