Japan and Denmark sign new health co-operation agreement

The two countries can learn a lot from each other when it comes to the health sector

On her recent visit to Tokyo, the health minister, Ellen Trane Nørby, signed an agreement with the Japanese deputy minister for health, work and welfare, Mizhho Onuma.

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The agreement will pave the way for increased co-operation between the two countries in the health sphere and lead to regular meetings so that expertise and experience can be exchanged.

In the same boat
“Denmark can learn a lot from Japan. We will perhaps soon be in the same situation that Japan is in now regarding a general increase in the number of people living longer, so it makes a lot of sense to have a sparring partner,” said Nørby.

The minister hopes the agreement will also provide opportunities for Danish research and business.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the forthcoming free trade agreement between the EU and Japan will also increase Danish exports by up to 70 percent.

Japan is the world’s second-largest market for medicines, and these topped the list of Danish exports to Japan in 2016. The Japanese market for heath-related products is expected to have grown by 50 percent by 2025.