Russia criticises ‘unfriendly’ Danish rhetoric

The Russian foreign ministry has responded to comments made by the Danish prime minister and defence minister yesterday

When the defence minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, presented his proposals for a new defence package yesterday, it was no secret that a number of the measures were designed as reactions to what is perceived as a potential threat from Russia.

Today, a spokesperson from the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Sakharova, responded by urging Danish politicians to drop their “unfriendly rhetoric”, reports DR Nyheder.

“We have to say that once again we are hearing unconstructive and unfriendly rhetoric from Danish public servants about an alleged Russian threat. As we see it, this has already unfortunately become a tradition and a habit – a bad habit,” she said.

“It is perfectly obvious that this course of action is aimed at justifying an increase in the kingdom’s [Denmark’s] military budget.”