Late October Events: Let the blues begin!

Keep your ears open for sultry tones drifting through the city as the 17th annual Copenhagen Blues Festival ushers in the impending autumn melancholy.

Artists like Californian-born Tony Furtado and New York bluesman Billy Cross, a resident here since the 1970s, will bring authenticity to the proceedings.

Denmark’s own musicians aren’t to be overlooked though, from the heartbreaking storytelling of J.Tex, to the thump and clap of the CPH Slim Band, to the smooth rhythm of Soulful Tuesday, Copenhagen is sure to be rocking through the weekend.

Spinning 4 Cancer
Oct 27; 0:00-23:59; Fitness DK, Nygårdsvej 5, Cph Ø;
Build muscle, build bonds and most importantly build on Spinning 4 Cancer’s goal to reach a million kroner raised for cancer research in only 24 hours of cycling.

‘Sponsor’ bikes as an office or an entire company, or perhaps simply as a motivated citizen. Cycle for an hour and take part in saving lives, while enjoying music from some of Copenhagen’s best DJs.

Strengthen connections with coworkers and ‘sweatwork’ with professionals from Carlsberg, TV2 and many other major Danish companies supporting the event.

CPH Zine Fest
Oct 21-22, 12:00-18:00; Ungdomhuset, Dortheavej 61, Cph NV; free entry;
Celebrate and learn about Copenhagen’s small-press and small-circulation magazine community at Ungdomhuset’s DIY festival. Quality workshops, trades and music are guaranteed. (NM)

Danish Hygge
Oct 22, 14:00-16:00; International House CPH, Gyldenløvesgade 11, Cph V;
Experience Danish hygge culture at International House Copenhagen’s cosy digs, complete with knitting, boardgames, children’s storytimes and coffee and cake. Bring your kids!

Studenthuset Quiz Night
Oct 23, 19:00-21:00; Studenterhuset, Købmagergade 52, Cph K,
Student House hosts another rousing quiz night for teams of up to five players eligible to win the 1,000 kroner prize. No topic is off limits. Students need to show their IDs for discounted refreshments.