Louisiana Art Preview: How reality is blurring as we embrace the digital age

The fine lines separating the digital world from reality are becoming increasingly blurred. In this exhibition, the phenomena will be addressed through a wide range of different installations, pieces, and videos, put on by a multitude of young upcoming artists.

Being There is especially interesting as the artists use the equipment of these digital technologies to express their contemplation of them.

The hard-hitting questions of where we currently are and where we are going are answered both beautifully and expressively, raising further thoughts for reflection. It is a constant consideration of how the human experience is both solidified and altered in a world constantly being reshaped by digitalism.

In recent times, it has become less about coexisting with technology and more about living within it. We can no longer easily separate our own realities from the one we all share inside the worldwide web.

Whether this is considered an exciting or terrifying possibility, it is definitely one that warrants attention.

This exhibition presents works that are as complicated and far-reaching as the questions they are exploring, creating an exceptionally immersive experience that should not be missed by anyone.