Legoland expanding to include huge castle hotel

Kids can stay in themed hotel as knights, princesses and wizards

Families heading to Legoland will have the option of spending the night in spectacular fashion in a few years’ time.

The company announced this morning that plans were afoot to build a huge 142-room Lego castle hotel – that would allow kids to stay the night in the amusement park as knights, wizards and princesses.

“The castle hotel is expressly designed with our core target group, families with children, in mind. Because we only work in one Lego universe, it will also be completed at a level that we haven’t seen in Billund until now. So the castle will also be our absolute top product in our overnight stay portfolio,” said Christian Woller, the head of Legoland.

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Everything is awesome!
Legoland Billund will invest 200 million kroner into the 8,000 sqm hotel – the greatest single investment for the company ever – which is expected to be completed by 2019.

The new hotel will also include over 900 Lego models. Check out the 3D animation about the planned hotel in the video below.

Guests can already stay the night in themed rooms at Hotel Legoland and in its hut area, Legoland Holiday Village.

Merlin Entertainments purchased Legoland in Billund (and the three other Legoland parks in Germany, England and California) from a struggling Lego back in 2005.

There are also Legoland parks in Florida, Malaysia, Dubai and Japan.