Denmark among the most positive countries in the world

Danes crack top 10 for first time on D+ Positivity Index

Denmark has been ranked in the top 10 for the first time ever on the Australian-produced D+ Positivity Index.

The Danes came in seventh with a score of 442 on the index, which is based on the quantification of positive achievements, initiatives and actions accomplished by every country of the world.

“In 2017, Denmark ranked as the least corrupt nation in the world. Danish press has enjoyed one of the greatest freedoms in the world,” the index release found.

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Optimistic Ozzies
Australia topped the index with a score of 501, followed by Canada (489), Switzerland (480), China (472) and France (461).

Germany (454), Denmark, England (434) the Netherlands (428) and the US (418) completed the top 10.

The index also found that the global perspective on a positive future continued to decline.

“Volatile geopolitical situations, terrorism, natural disasters and violence resulting in mass refugees were identified as the main causes for such decline in outlook in 2017,” the report found.

Read more about the D+ Positivity Index here (in English).