New identification card offers alternative to cumbersome passport

Young people and elderly to be main beneficiaries of new card

As of today, all citizens aged 15 or above can apply for an ID card that will let them avoid having to carry their passports around as a form of identification.

The new ID card can be obtained via the municipality and can be used in a number of instances as an alternative to a passport or driver’s licence.

“The new ID card will be a help to young people and for some of our elderly and handicapped citizens. It can actually help make the day easier for anyone who doesn’t possess a driver’s licence and doesn’t want to carry around their passport,” said Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, the minister for economic affairs and interior.

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Will prove useful
For instance, the card can be utilised should they want to gain entrance to discos that have age limits, or if they want to purchase beer and cigarettes. The card includes a photo and the CPR number of the holder.

Prospective applicants will have to be prepared to pay a maximum of 150 kroner and expect waiting times in certain periods.

The new ID card measures 8.5cm x 5.4cm and will be of a quality similar to that of a Danish driver’s licence.