American toy manufacturer launches first Barbie to wear a hijab

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad the inspiration behind new doll

The Danish children’s toy shop BR is bracing itself for a Christmas stampede next year, and very possibly one before Eid.

Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first US Olympian to ever compete wearing a hijab, now has a Barbie modelled after her – the first of the famous dolls to wear one in its 58-year history.

The doll is part of Mattel’s ‘Shero’ line, which celebrates inspirational women.

The bronze medallist made headlines when she donned her hijab at the Rio Olympic games last year.

An inspiration
“It’s so cool to see myself in this little doll form with my fencing uniform on,” Muhammad said at the unveiling of her ‘mini me’ in New York. “It says my name on the back and has a fencing mask and little sabre. I just love it.”

She said that she was happy that children who wear headscarves themselves can play with a doll that looks like them.

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Mattel said via Twitter that they were “happy to honor Ibtihaj Muhammad with this unique Barbie doll. Ibtihaj inspires women and girls across the world to break limits.”

The new Barbie doll is expected to be available in autumn of next year.