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Concert Review: Gangster Gibbs showcases his gift of the gab

Eric Maganga
November 20th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.


Freddie was born ready

On a rainy night at Pumpehuset, Freddie Gibbs brought the energy, showmanship and lyrical ability to Copenhagen.

Backed by a DJ only, Gibbs carried the show, often brilliantly rhyming with no beat at all.

The face of gangster rap
Freddie Gibbs, affectionately referred to as Gangster Gibbs, fittingly showed up to the concert in a ski mask.

He was set to steal the show and have the audience rocking. He came out strong, and he maintained the energy throughout.

Who needs a beat?
To double down on the power his words packed, there were probably a good five times when the beat was turned off for an entire verse.

His delivery and lyrics are complex and he didn’t flub his words once. It was like watching a champion on their victory lap – he made it look easy.

Sensitive topics
The man with the track 24k Jesus didn’t shy away from controversial issues on this night – far from it.

From discussing or rhyming about legal allegations that almost cost him his passport in Europe, to continuously urging the crowd to chant “F the police”, his reputation for not shying away stayed intact.

Unfamiliar waters
It wasn’t just raining outside on this evening. Freddie was so hyped he showered the audience with bottles of water, and they literally soaked it up.

I for one could have done without the showers, but hey, the man puts on a great live show, and you should catch him next time.


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