Severed arm found in sea off Copenhagen could be Kim Wall’s, say police

Police working under assumption that grizzly find is connected to death of journalist aboard Peter Madsen’s submarine

Police divers have found a severed arm in the waters of Køge Bay near Copenhagen.

It is yet to be ascertained who the arm belongs to, but the police believe it is connected to the high-profile submarine case involving the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The arm will undergo tests today at the Department of Forensic Science at the University of Copenhagen (KU).

“We have yet to ascertain whether it is a right or left arm, or who the arm belongs to, but we are working under the assumption that it is connected to the submarine case,” said Jens Møller Jensen, the deputy inspector from Copenhagen Police.

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Trial in March
The arm was found near the area under investigation in connection with the death of Wall on August 10.

Submarine owner Peter Madsen denies killing Wall, but has admitted to severing her arms, legs and head.

Madsen’s trial is scheduled to commence at the Copenhagen City Court next year on March 8.