Performance Preview: Howling with laughter with the hound of the banana skins

‘Slapstick Sherlock’ is exactly the kind of feel-good fun needed to get you in the mood for Christmas

Did you know that Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed human literary character in history with 254 appearances? In fact, only God, Jesus, the Devil, Napoleon, Hitler, Lincoln and Dracula have been played more often.

And now the Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre, along with its trusty German sidekick Manusarts, is making a bid for number 255 with ‘Slapstick Sherlock’, and it’s got all the ingredients needed for success. Humour and outlandishness like in ‘Sherlock’? Tick! A female Watson like in ‘Elementary’? Almost! Not so sure about the satire like in those Basil Rathbone propaganda films during WWII …

Granted, this female ‘Watson’ (hard-working Manusarts stalwart Jana Pulkrabek in long leather boots) hasn’t been to medical school, and it’s with some trepidation that Holmes (Gordon Torbet) and the real doctor (Siegmar Tonk) agree to help Miss Hudson solve the mystery of how the blue carbuncle ended up in the Christmas goose. The Famous Five weren’t available apparently.

But sure enough, this humorous triangle work through their power-struggle-filled relationships in order to solve the mostly idiotic mystery and save Christmas.

With the dependable Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen at the helm, and elements of classical theatre and satire, we’re confident this is the perfect festive giggle to get your December off to a flying start.