Last brick in place in political tussle over Copenhagen Municipality mayoral posts

November 28th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

The dickering for positions after last Tuesday’s local elections is finally over at Copenhagen’s Town Hall

Now the voting is over and the mayor and his deputies can get down to the serious business of governing the city (photo: Orf3us)

The parties contesting Copenhagen’s municipal election have finally reached agreement on the identity of the new deputy mayors who will run the six departments at the Town Hall for the next four years.

The sitting mayor, Frank Jensen, was re-elected and the other deputy mayoral posts were filled quite quickly (see below).

For the final vacant post, Mia Nyegaard from Radikale announced today that she is to be the new deputy mayor in charge of the social services committee, reports DR Nyeheder.

Nyegaard was top-scorer amongst the party’s candidates, with 3,844 personal votes,

“It is a job that I’m happy to get cracking on because it means that I can help to make a difference to the city’s most vulnerable citizens,” she wrote on her website. Nyegaard has previously been the party’s spokesperson on social issues and has said that she would pursue a policy in the political centre.


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