Drones the new weapon against illegal drugs in Christiania

The Danish police are enlisting the help of modern technology in their efforts to control the drugs trade

A special unit of the Copenhagen police force has been operating in and around the ‘free city’ of Christiania and on its notorious Pusher Street in a bid to stamp out the organised sale of drugs.

One of the new methods being used is overflying the area using drones, reports DR Nyheder.

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Police efforts over the last three days have resulted in a haul of 11.691 kg of cannabis, 3,478 joints, eight blotter squares of LSD and 26,731 kroner in cash. More than 60 buyers and one supplier have been charged with drugs violations.

“Drones are one of a number of tools we use, and we can see that they are becoming a more and more effective one,” said deputy inspector Lars-O Karlsen.

Hit the buyers
Buyers have been the primary target. By using the drones, police have been able to follow them to and from the sellers’ tables.

“Then we can just wait until the suspect arrives at the exit and stop them,” added Karlsen.

Although the residents of Christiania drove out the sellers from Pusher Street a year or so ago, there are still a lot of drugs being sold.

“As long as there are buyers, there will still be people selling drugs. We are doing this to underline the fact that it is risky to both buy and sell cannabis on Pusher Street.”