Chili Klaus warms up boys’ choir for Christmas

Courageous choristers pop a ghost pepper into their mouths between verses, and the result is more

Who said the sopranos in the Herning Boys Choir don’t have balls? That’s an outrageous slander!

And recently in a rendition of the Christmas carol ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ for the cameras, they proved, as they say in these parts, more than ‘fit for fight’.

Following an innocent enough opening verse, the courageous choristers from mid-Jutland popped a ghost pepper (aka ‘bhut jolokia’) into their mouths – a chilli packing more than 1 million Scoville heat units.

It certainly gave a new interpretation to the line ‘Christ the lord’!

Who else but ‘Chili Klaus’!
The orchestrator of this little stunt before the cameras was none other than Claus Pilgaard, a Danish entrepreneur quietly building a chilli-based food empire on the back of his promotion of all things tangy and spicy under the persona of ‘Chili Klaus’.

A former member of the choir, Chili Klaus happily joined in, possibly overdoing the smugness as he easily sang on.

In June 2014, Chili Klaus persuaded 1,000 of his fans to indulge in a similar demonstration at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen.

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Chillies can kill!
As amusing as the episodes are to watch,  a 1980 study calculated that 1.3 kilos of ghost peppers would very possibly kill an adult of average weight, and there have been a number of fatalities caused by eating relatively small quantities of chilli.

For several years it was believed the ghost pepper was the world’s strongest chilli. However, four chillies are even hotter: the infinity chili, the Naga viper, the Trinidad moruga scorpion  and the Carolina Reaper.