Copenhagen Police decide not to renew stop-and search zone

Lack of incidents leads to abolishment of zone put in place last summer

Copenhagen Police have decided to let the stop-and-search zone it established in Nørrebro and Nordvest during last July’s gang violence to expire. Police said there have been no recent incidents that justify the extension of the zone that was created after a wave of gang-related shootings plaguing Copenhagen streets last summer.

Other zones may remain active
A stop-and-search zone gives police the right to search anyone entering the zone for any reason at all, even if they are not suspected of any crime. The right to search also applies to vehicles.

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Copenhagen Western Police also have stop-and-search zones established in Herlev, Ballerup, Rødovre and Gladsaxe that are set to expire. There has been no indication that those zones will be shut down.