Danish first responders say NYE fireworks are too dangerous

“Over the limit” say cops

Police and firefighters across Denmark had a busy night on New Year’s Eve as the tradition of firing off tonnes of dnagerous fireworks continued unabated.

Police have charged a 15-year-old boy with shooting a bottle rocket at a police cruiser patrolling Ringparken in Slagese.

“It was dangerous,” Ehm Christensen, chief of South Zealand and Lolland-Falster police,” told TV 2.

The officers in the car were not injured. Police said that there is a video of the incident.

An exploding problem
Police arrested and charged a 15-year-old boy with violence directed at an officer. He was interrogated, charged and released early on New Year’s Day.

Christensen said that the incident was not the first time his officers have been in harm’s way during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“It’s sad that we can’t do our jobs and help those in need without risking our lives and health,” he said.

Firefighters across the country reported that they have been attacked with fireworks as the new year is being rung in.

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Firefighters attacked while fighting fires
Firefighters in Viby said that they had to suspend their attempts to put out a container fire because they were hit by a constant barrage of fireworks while trying to do their job.

“We were bombarded,” said Lasse Clemensen, deputy head of the East Jutland Fire Department.

Bjarne Nigaard, secretary general of the preparedness group Dansk Beredskaber said that things have gone too far.

“New Year’s Eve has become a night of danger with people armed with fireworks,” said Nigaard. “It may be normal, but it’s not acceptable.”

Beyond the pale
Emergency vehicles were called out 435 times on New Year’s Eve. A slight dip form last year’s 444 calls. Police and firefighters across the country reported that they were forced to dodge bottle rockets and other fireworks while on calls.

“We have long passed the limits of acceptable behaviour,” said Nigaard.