Peter Madsen charged with premeditated murder – prosecutors want life sentence

Prosecution agree to recommendation he should serve his time in safe custody

Peter Madsen is being charged with murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his submarine last August, the Prosecution Service at the Copenhagen Police Department confirmed today.

Prosecutors will ask for life imprisonment at his trial, which is scheduled to start on March 8 and conclude on April 25.

Additionally, they will request his sentence is served in safe custody on advice received from the Medico Legal Council on January 15.

Further charges
Other charges include the “indecent handling” of a corpse – primarily related to his dismemberment of Wall’s body, which he has admitted to – and “other sexual relations than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature” with Wall.

According to the charge sheet, Madsen is accused of “prior planning and preparation”. Additionally, it speculates that he cut her throat or strangled her. Madsen claims her death was accidental, and he denies murder.

Madsen has also been charged with two counts of severe violation of the Act on Safety at Sea, with the recommendation that his submarine, Nautilus, should be confiscated and destructed.