Out & About: School’s version of the CIStine chapel’s ceiling

Nobody forgets their favourite teacher. Often they are also our biggest influence: the reason why we targeted the Olympics or strived to become an airline pilot.
So how better to celebrate them than by painting their likeness on a massive mural, just like 28 talented high school students from Copenhagen International School have done.

The 43-metre mural, which is located on the Metro fence right next to the CIS campus in Nordhavn, drew a sizeable crowd when it was unveiled recently.

Under the guidance of visiting artist Jacoba Niepoort and high school art teacher Gora Lizaso (bottom right), the students have painted portraits of the people who inspire them.

While some are CIS staff, others include parents, friends, and siblings.

As well as creating a more attractive and child-friendly space surrounding the new campus, CIS was keen to given its students the opportunity to really ‘own’ the space.

With paintings as life-like as this, they now own all the bragging rights as well.