Agreement reached on increased defence spending

For the first time for a number of years, the Danish armed services will shortly receive a financial shot in the arm in real terms

A broad cross-party agreement has been reached on making a substantial increase in the amount that Denmark spends on defence.

The parties have agreed to increase the sum by 800 million kroner in 2018, rising to 4.8 billion kroner in 2023. This represents an increase in the annual amount given of more than 20 percent, as well as more investment in materiel.

NATO brigade and computer warfare
The main beneficiaries of the deal will be a new brigade of 4,000 soldiers that can be deployed as part of NATO forces and anti-cyber warfare measures, where 1.4 billion kroner is being spent to enhance cyber security.

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Special forces are also getting 285 million kroner more and Danish frigates will be fitted with anti-aircraft missiles. The number of conscripts is set to be increased by 500 and their training will be more concentrated on dealing with crises and mobilisation for war.

A safer Denmark
Troops will increasingly be used in times of crisis in Denmark – for example, in case of terrorist attacks – to assist the police.

“The agreement emphasises our desire to maintain a safe and secure Denmark and our position as a core participant in NATO,” said defence minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

“Strengthening our defence capability is quite simply a necessity in the light of the worsening security situation politically.”