Record numbers laid low with flu

Influenza is raging in Denmark and doctors expect that it has not peaked yet

During the week beginning January 22, some 2,002 people in Denmark were tested for flu following a recommendation by their doctor, and 692 were found to either have influenza type A or B, according to figures released by the State Serum Laboratory SSI.

The figure is the highest number of positive tests in a single week for at least six years, reports DR Nyheder.

Of those tested positive, 147 had type A and 545 type B. “We can see that unfortunately the dominant influenza type is not covered by the flu vaccination that many Danes have had,” said Tyra Grove Krause, a senior doctor and department head at the institute.

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If you are ill, stay at home
“We expect that in the coming weeks there will be an increase in the numbers of flu sufferers. If you are sick, you should avoid infecting others and stay at home,” she added.

The number of positive tests were highest among the over-65s and children up to four years old.