Danish ministerial visit reinforces solidarity with Georgia and Ukraine

The Danish government has pledged 860 million kroner to support reforms in the two eastern European countries

A new ‘good neighbour’ program has been launched by the foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen.

On visits to Georgia and Ukraine from February 20-20, Samuelsen pledged 860 million kroner over the next five years to help the reform process in the two countries.

“My visits to Ukraine and Georgia are first and foremost to show Denmark’s unequivocal backing for two countries under pressure from Russia and where the conflict over values and interests between East and West is central,” said Samuelsen.

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Fighting corruption
Samuelsen also emphasised the need for democratic and liberal reforms in order to resist Russian pressure. There are also problems with corruption in Ukraine in particular that have to be addressed.

“I’m in no doubt that reform is the best defence against Russian aggression. Reforms make countries resistant and strengthen their alignment towards Europe,” he added.

Conference in CPH
In related news, Samuelsen will host a big international conference in Copenhagen on June 27 concerned with making reforms in Ukraine.

The foreign ministers from all EU, NATO and G7 nations have been invited, as well as representatives of a number of international organisations.

Read more about the conference here (in English).