Government eyes new Danes in equality push

Certain ethnic minority groups under the microscope, while LGBT takes centre stage

The government has decided to focus on certain ethnic minority groups in its intensification efforts on creating more equality in the coming years.

Moreover, the strategy will also focus on more freedom and security for LGBT individuals, whilst tackling the taboo of sexual harassment.

“The lack of equality in certain ethnic minority environments is a joint cause that we must fight together on,” said the equality minister, Karen Ellemann.

“Equality is a fundamental component in Denmark, and freedom for the individual is a basic right. So me must insist that equality counts for everyone, whatever their gender and regardless of whether they were born here or have roots in another culture.”

As part of the plan, the government is seeking to collect knowledge about social control and masculinity in ethnic minority groups.

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No LGBT let-down
In August 2017, Ellemann was appointed as the first Danish co-ordinated minister for the LGBT arena, which is also mirrored in the government strategy – a strategy that includes 33 initiatives within four central areas: Rights and freedoms for the individual; Better utilisation of resources and talents; Security, well-being and equal opportunity for LGBT people; and Global equality effort.

“As something new this year, we’ve decided to focus on better security and equal opportunity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Ellemann.

“Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual and gender-neutral people still face discrimination and prejudice, and that can have serious consequences for the individual’s well-being.”

Some 25 million kroner has been set aside to tackle the issues. Read more about it here (in Danish).