Police announce campaign for safer cycling

Cyclists and moped riders account for a high proportion of fatal accidents in traffic

From yesterday until March 2, police forces across Denmark will be keeping a special eye on cyclists and moped riders.

Recent data demonstrates that these road-users account for a large proportion of the total fatalities in traffic and how they are also more likely to suffer a more serious injury should they not be killed.

Last year, 31 cyclists and eight moped riders died and another 806 cyclists and 296 moped riders were injured. In a number of cases, reckless behaviour on the part of the riders played an important part.

Live fast, die young
Moped riders going too fast are not only putting themselves at risk but also other cyclists and pedestrians who might use the cycle paths or have to cross the road. They also create an annoying amount of noise for local residents.

Some cyclists and moped riders also run red lights, cycle on the pavement and don’t take into consideration other road users.

The police will also be keeping a lookout for illegally souped-up mopeds – those that have had their cylinders bored so that they can go faster than the law permits.

Apart from exposing their riders and other cycle path users to risk, they can also frighten other cyclists and make an unacceptable amount of noise.