Huge international media interest in Madsen trial

Some 100 journalists from a dozen countries will cover the trial in Copenhagen

When submarine builder Peter Madsen goes on trial on March 8 for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, there will be lots of national and international media present.

Upwards of 100 journalists from 12 countries will be following the trial closely at the city court in Copenhagen – 20 of who will be given a seat at the trial itself.

“I can’t remember any other trials in Denmark that have gained as much interest from abroad. As the defendant is Danish and the victim is Swedish, interest from Danish and Swedish media is natural, but in this case journalists are coming from all over the world,” Trine Maria Ilsøe, a DR News correspondent, told DR Nyheder.

“I get inquiries from foreign media on a daily basis, which aside from Nordic countries, also includes countries like Australia, the US, France and the UK. Some ask for an interview, some want to know how the trial will take place, while others want to know the names of specific Danish criminal trial experts.”

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Making history
Some 75 journalists have been assigned to a connected room where they can follow the trial proceedings, including the testimonies of 37 witnesses, on a big screen – for the first time in Danish history.

On March 8, prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen will present the case to the court, after which Madsen will be questioned. After that the 37 witnesses will take the stand over the course of several days around Easter.

Among the witnesses is a coroner, technical experts, and individuals who will be questioned about the behaviour of Madsen.