Concert review: Magical moments, both following and off-script


The Script had Tap1 filled to the brim – and then proceeded to play one of the best Copenhagen concerts of early 2018.

Freedom of speech
It was the Freedom Child tour, and it fittingly began with an audio recording about freedom. The mood of the show was carefree.

Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue encouraged the audience to party like the Saturday night it was and then told them a couple of drinking stories from Ireland.

His vocal ability was on full display this evening and he was a true master of ceremony – engaging the audience every step of the way.

Irish fun
One clear highlight of the night was when Danny described how last time they were in Copenhagen, they had a moving moment with the song ‘The man who can’t be moved’ and there was an acapella singalong before the music came on. The moment was recreated in a show highlight.

The night was filled with dance with your neighbour and singalong moments. These Irish gentlemen knew how to have a good time.

Encore of hits
One thing that made the concert so great and enjoyable was the superb mix of old and new tracks. From the tearjerkers to the uplifting songs – oh the fun that was had.

After initially announcing their farewell with a few glaring omissions in the set-list, the band came back for a rousing encore highlighted by ‘Breakeven’ and ‘Hall of Fame’.

It was a great way to cap an awesome night – a highly recommended live show.