Worst ever flu season in Denmark

The numbers peaked three weeks ago, but people are still catching it in droves

Everyone knows somebody who has flu every year. They’re the ‘unlucky ones’. But this year was their worst dose ever. They left their bed to give you Facebook updates, probably prolonging their illness in the process.

And the numbers confirm that a record 4,758 people in Denmark have been hospitalised with certified cases of flu so far this winter.

In 225 of the 4,758 cases, the patients received what doctors describe as intensive treatment. The most vulnerable groups are the over-65s and under-fours.

Particularly prevalent strain
The flu season peaked three weeks ago. In week 10 (March 5-11), the Statens Serum Institut reported 1,167 cases of influenza B and 445 cases of influenza A.

The Influenza B has been particularly prevalent as it was not included in the seasonal vaccine.

Cause of hundreds of deaths?
It is believed that the virus has caused the deaths of 246 people in Denmark, but this cannot be verified.

However, the mortality rate this winter has been much higher than normal.