Turkish embassy in Denmark attacked

Up to four people tossed petrol bombs at the embassy last night

The Turkish Embassy in Denmark, located in Østerbro near the border with Hellerup, was attacked last night by people throwing Molotov cocktails.

The embassy building sustained slight fire damage and no-one was injured. Police believe that up to four perpetrators were involved.

“We had a patrol in the area and the officers pretty much witnessed it. They saw at least two people flee the scene,” Henrik Moll, a spokesperson for Copenhagen Police, told TV2 News.

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Fled towards Svanemøllen
Copenhagen Police were alerted to the attack at 02:54 last night, and they are at the embassy this morning in heavy numbers trying to find evidence.

The police patrol that witnessed the event focused on containing the fire and the suspects managed to run away – in the direction of Svanemøllen Station.

All trains were halted between Østerport and Hellerup stations earlier this morning as police worked at the scene. Train traffic resumed normal duties at about 06:00.