Peter Madsen trial back on tomorrow

 Key witness will be called up to refute Madsen’s intricate submarine explanation

Following a gruelling first day of the Peter Madsen murder trial on March 8, much was revealed about the 47-year-old submariner, who stands accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall on the Nautilus last August.

Madsen’s sexual inclinations were laid bare, as were psychological evaluations  portraying Madsen as having a complex personality with traits one would associate with a psychopath.

Tomorrow, Madsen will take the stand once again as the prosecution attempts to prove to the court that his actions were indeed premeditated.

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Ditte will be key
The day after Madsen takes the stand, the witnesses will be called up – 37 of them will be questioned over the six working days (no court day on March 29 because Maundy Thursday is a bank holiday in Denmark) between March 22 and April 3.

Of those, one of the critical witnesses in the trial will be the Navy submarine veteran Ditte Dyreborg.

When questioned about the fatal night, Madsen often refers to highly-detailed technical explanations about the submarine and how Wall died.

But Dyreborg, who is considered one of  Denmark’s leading technical experts within the realm of submarines, will be more than a match for Madsen and his intricate explanations. In fact, Dyreborg has penned a report that casts doubt on Madsen’s explanations concerning Wall’s death.

The final witnesses are scheduled to be called up on April 3 and a verdict is expected on April 25. See the trial timetable below.