Danish burger chain sold for supersized amount

Cock’s and Cows passed on to Finnish hands in 164 million kroner deal

The big Copenhagen-based burger chain Cock’s and Cows has been acquired by the Finnish restaurant giant Restamax in a mammoth deal.

The 164 million kroner agreement also includes the Finns assuming control of The Bird gin bars, which is also part of the Nord Group, which was founded by Daniel Vesti Knuttel, Lasse Wiwe and Adam Hjorth in 2010. The burger chain operates seven restaurants in Copenhagen today.

“It’s the biggest restaurant business in the Nordics and they naturally have a lot of competencies and knowhow that we can benefit from. They’ve tried growing from where we are now to something that is greater and we need to suck up all that knowledge and learn from it,” Knuttel told Finans.dk.

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Burger boom
As part of the deal, Restamax will assume 75 percent of the ownership, while the Danes will retain 25 percent of the business and will continue to be in charge of operations.

Cock’s and Cows is just one of several burger joints that have risen to prominence in Copenhagen in recent years. Others include the likes of Halifax, Jagger and Grillen.

Restamax owns 130 restaurants across Finland, including eateries like Wayne’s Coffee, Gringos Locos and Mura Sushi.