Out & About: The artists of tomorrow

The artists of tomorrow were in full view at the International School of Hellerup on Rygårds Alle, as two exhibitions opened on March 14, drawing in a wide range of inquisitive spectators.

Students, teachers, family members and the odd alumnus filled the exhibition room to admire this upper school double-header, and they weren’t disappointed.

The MYP 5 Personal Project Exhibition has been six months in the planning and is as the name suggests a chance for the students to really reach within and take inspiration from their introspection. Not only were the final artworks on display, but also the work process, as the MYP 5 was just as much about the journey as the completion.

The DP 2 Exit Exhibition, meanwhile, was the culmination of the Diploma Programme Visual Arts course – two years on a canvas as the students exhibited their greatest hits along with with a written rationale articulating their purpose and intention.