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Winter woe finally waning? Temperatures to skyrocket

Brace yourselves for a double-digit degree swing tomorrow

Sharp deviations in temperature are not usually something you would associate with Denmark.

But according to the national weather forecaster DMI, that’s exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Despite abysmal conditions today, with temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius and feeling even colder in the wind, the weather will drastically change tomorrow, as temperatures will shoot up to 15 degrees!

Springtime for real?
The rest of the week will be a little cooler, but temperatures are predicted to remain close to or above 10 degrees during that time.

Temperatures will stray close to 5 degrees at night, aside from Thursday and Friday nights, during which temperatures will fall to around 2-3 degrees.

The weekend is looking very amicable, with both Saturday and Sunday seeing temperatures hover around 15 degrees – with some parts of the country possibly reaching 17 degrees.

It will soon finally start to feel like spring has arrived.