Peter Madsen Trial: Day 9 recap as submariner’s sexually violent nature is laid bare

A day dominated by documentation as every single detail of ever single download is described

Day nine of the trial of Peter Madsen, who stands accused of murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine last August, lasted just over six hours, but only included the testimony of one witness – the final person to give evidence after it was confirmed the submariner’s now ex-wife will not be taking the stand.

Relentless descriptions of torture, beheadings and executions
Instead it was a day for documentation, as all the relevant transcripts, videos and other pieces of electronic evidence were described before being officially included – all to prove Madsen’s sexually violent nature.

It meant Courtroom 60 had to endure description after description of women being tortured, executed and beheaded – and of course killed.

It emerged that “throat”, “girl” and “pain” were Madsen’s three favourite search words looking for porn or torture videos online.

His preferred method of torture, it would appear, includes a woman being mistreated with a knife, fire or a spear.

The overall number of documented files was not given, but it was several hundred at least.

Premeditated case grows in strength
In other developments, it was revealed that on July 27, Madsen searched for ‘aluminum tube’ 220 times – once again strengthening the prosecutor’s contention that he committed premeditated murder as the tubes were used to weigh down the bags in which he admits he put Wall’s body parts.

At this point in July, he had no idea who his victim would be, and it could have been the day’s only witness.

The young woman, who has known Madsen for six or seven years, revealed that Madsen invited her alone onto his submarine in June after previously inviting her husband and children as well. He joked that he might have to kidnap her.

And then he invited her again on August 8 – this time in a tone that suggested he was both manic and sexually interested in her.

Fortunately for her, she said no.