Denmark supports attack on Syria … but not militarily

PM lauds Trump and allies for taking a stand

Should the west initiate an attack on Syria, following allegations the Assad Regime was behind the poison attack in Douma over the weekend, you won’t hear any complaints from Denmark.

PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen, fresh off a visit to German Chancellor Angel Merkel in Berlin yesterday, said that a western response to Assad was necessary.

“If the world is to function properly, then there needs to be some decency out there. Using poisonous gases against one’s own people is far from acceptable and we can’t just sit passively and watch. This needs to have consequences,” he said, according to DR Nyheder.

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No military support
US President Donald Trump warned that the Americans would respond to the Assad Regime’s attack in kind – most likely with a missile strike. The UK and France have also expressed a need for a response.

Rasmussen said he was pleased to see the US, UK and France were working closely together to come up with a plan of action and that Denmark would offer its clear support to a response. But whatever happens, Denmark itself won’t be participating in any kind of military attack on the Assad Regime.

“It’s not something Denmark will contribute to in the form of soldiers. But we stand on the right side of this conflict. We do that in the fight against IS (Islamic State), where we are deeply engaged, and we do it against the Assad Regime,” said Rasmussen.

It’s not the first time Denmark has backed a US strike on Syria. Last year, the government uttered strong words of support for the US missile strike on Syrian military targets in the wake of the horrific chemical weapons attack allegedly perpetrated by the Assad Regime.