Foreign business travellers a boon to Danish coffers

Attractive group spends close to twice as much as Danish leisure tourists

Denmark is doing its best to attract business tourists from abroad, and according to the national confederation for industry, Dansk Industri (DI), there’s good reason for that.

That’s because people who come to Denmark from abroad for business purposes spend more than any other kind of tourist – foreign or local.

On average, foreign business tourists spend 2,150 kroner per 24 hours in Denmark, compared to 1,800 kroner spent by leisure tourists from abroad, 1,750 by Danish business travellers and 1,300 by Danish leisure tourists.

“We have good possibilities in Denmark when it comes to competing for business tourists. We have a lot going for us – but so do our neighbours and they look to have won the latest rounds of the competition,” said Sune K Jensen, the head of tourism efforts for DI.

“Despite the greatest share of business tourism being local, the international portion is certainly also worth aiming for. Not only are foreign business people good customers for Danish tourism companies, but it is a growing market. Business tourists come all year round and not just in the tourist season. So in that way we are better utilising our capacity.”

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Dutch and Swedes ahead
Jensen contended that Denmark needs to improve its infrastructure and take advantage of its strengths – such as gastronomy, sustainability and innovation – when attracting foreign business tourists.

The figures show that the Netherlands and Sweden have both surpassed Denmark in terms of attracting international business travellers in recent years.

Currently, business tourism accounts for about 27 billion kroner a year in Denmark – about a quarter of the total turnover yielded by the entire tourism industry.