Man held over wolf shooting in Jutland

The uneasy relationship between wolves and their human neighbours deteriorated dramatically overnight – at least as far as the wolf was concerned

On Monday evening, police received a tip-off that a wolf had been shot dead in a field around 13 km east of Ulfborg in Jutland.

A witness saw a man drive up in a vehicle, fire a shot from it towards the wolf and drive off again, DR Nyheder reports.

“When a patrol car reached the scene, they found a young she-wolf shot dead. They also found spent cartridge cases,” said Poul Østergaard from the mid and west Jutland police force.

Bang to rights
A 66-year-old local man has subsequently been detained and questioned. Police found several guns at his home, which have been confiscated along with his car. So far, he has been charged with violating the hunting laws because wolves are not in season.

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The animal’s corpse is also being examined by the veterinary institute at the Danish Technical University (DTU), where DNA tests are being carried out to determine with absolute certainty that the animal is indeed a wolf.

“We are definitely of the opinion that it is,” said Ostergaard.

In what might be considered a strange coincidence, a new grassroots organisation dedicated to eradicating wolves, Ulvefrit Danmark, held its inaugural meeting yesterday evening in Ørnhøj, northwestern Jutland.