International News in Brief: Early release date for Jyllands-Posten attack plotters?

Ben Hamilton
April 18th, 2018

This article is more than 6 years old.

In other news, the five men who raped a Danish tourist in New Delhi in 2014 won’t be going anywhere fast

It wasn’t actually this building that was targeted … now that would have been some story (photo: user:tsca)

The four men who planned a terror attack against Jyllands-Posten in 2009 and who were sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2012, could be released from their Swedish prison in December this year, reports Radio24syv based on documentation obtained from Sweden.

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The three Swedes and a Tunisian, who “planned to kill as many people as possible” in revenge for the publication and republication of the Mohammed Cartoons, will reportedly be able to apply for parole as they will have served two-thirds of their sentence – six years plus the two before their trial.

Both countries’ intelligence agencies, Säpo and PET, have refused to discuss the case.

Tongue-in-cheek joke lost on American thugs
A Danish teenager holidaying in New York City was attacked last Thursday for wearing a Donald Trump baseball cap bearing the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Jannich Andersen, 18, was approached by two white men outside Union Square subway station over the weekend, who questioned him about the significance of the cap, which he had bought as a tongue-in-cheek joke for his father back in Denmark. The men grabbed the cap, and then during the altercation one of them brandished a knife. “My friend told me not to wear it ’cause someone will jump you – someone will get offended,” Andersen told New York Daily News.

More people relocating to eastern Denmark than southern Sweden
The number of people relocating from Denmark to southern Sweden has slowed as prices in Scania have risen. According to Danmarks Statistik figures for 2017, more people moved in the opposite direction to eastern Denmark. In the build-up to the financial crisis, from 2005 to 2007, there were 4,000 relocations from eastern Denmark to Scania every year, but that annual figure has fallen to just over 1,000. Nevertheless, most of the people accounting for the relocations, in either direction, are Danish-born.

Rapists’ sentence is upheld, but commuted to life in prison
Five men have been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Indian Supreme Court in New Delhi after their conviction for raping a 51-year-old Danish women in the Indian capital in January 2014 was upheld. The initial judgement in 2016 had sentenced them to death.

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Bringing a taste of Danish to the broads
Maggie Christensen, a 28-year-old Danish national living in the English country of Norfolk, has launched her own food company to bring a little taste of Denmark to her new home. Maggie’s Pastry and Lemonade operates as an online delivery service primarily aimed at businesses in Norwich.


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