Library computers being targeted by hackers

Using computers in public places can be a risky business, especially if you need to access personal or financial data

Technological advances and increasing government requirements that oblige citizens to live their lives more or less totally online can end up costing individuals dearly.

Computers accessible to the public in libraries are becoming attractive targets for hackers. At least 15 libraries in Denmark have reported incidences of physical hacking, a new documentary on TV2 this evening reveals.

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The hackers visit the libraries and manage to install devices that record users’ keystrokes. In that way they have been able to recover the passwords people use for everything from Facebook to sensitive bank details.

All cleaned out
A number of people have had their accounts drained as a result. Kim Vinther Pedersen told TV2 he had lost 165,000 kroner from his current account and that hackers even tried to sell shares that he owned.

Up until now, it is estimated that this form of hacking has cost its victims around 7 million kroner.

The documentary, ‘Hackerne angriber os’, is being broadcast at 20:50 this evening on TV2 and is in Danish.