Danish dairy giant facing deep cuts

Over the next three years, Denmark’s biggest dairy company is going to have to tighten its belt significantly

Last year, the farmer-owned Danish dairy conglomerate Arla recorded profits of 80 billion kroner.

That can’t be bad you might think, but the company has been hard hit by its competitors and currency fluctuations, so now a serious round of savings is necessary, BT Reports.

This could include some of the company’s 19,000 employees losing their jobs, but administrative director Peter Tuborgh doesn’t want to speculate as to how many at this stage.

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Fewer meetings, less travel
“But it is quite certain that there will be fewer employees in Arla in three years’ time,” he said.

Up until now, cuts have been announced in meetings and travel activities, marketing and development, and consultancy work.

On top of that, a moratorium on hiring new staff has been introduced that allows only the most critical posts to be filled if someone leaves.