Supermarket chain Fakta to close 47 branches

Despite an improvement to the bottom line last year Fakta is still in the red, which will now have consequences for the chain

Today, around 900 employees of the Coop-owned supermarket subsidiary Fakta will receive the unwelcome news that they will shortly be unemployed.

In a bid to improve its financial position, Fakta is going to close 47 branches around the country by the end of May. At present there are around 400 of them, but the number will be reduced to 359, reports DR Nyheder.

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Although there has been an improvement from 2016 when the chain posted a deficit of 124 million kroner, it still lost 18 million kroner last year.

A shrinking customer base
Stina Glavind, Fakta’s managing director, admitted that some of the shops should probably never have been opened in the first place.

“Shops were opened in locations where the customer base was too small, and there are also shops where customers have simply disappeared,” said Glavind.

“We’ve chosen to close 47 shops that we can see will never have a healthy turnover,” she added.

“Now we intend to focus on those shops and locations that we believe can be run profitably in the future.”

In order that the employees can be informed first, the full list of the shops affected has not yet been announced.

However, TV2 Lorry reports that Fakta at Nivå station center, on Stationsvej in Allerød and Fakta Q at Espergærde are all on the hit-list.