Government wants to build massive wind energy park

Initiative would produce enough energy to power Denmark’s seven biggest cities

In just a few short years, Denmark could very well have one of the biggest wind energy parks in the world – that is, if the government gets its way.

The initiative is part of the much-awaited government energy proposal that is expected to surface sometime this week.

“We are talking about a very, very big wind energy park that will play a central role in terms of the government reaching its goal of at least half of Denmark’s total energy consumption being sustainable by 2030,” Lars Christian Lilleholt, the energy minister, said according to DR Nyheder

Lilleholt said the park would be located far out at sea – at least 50 km out – so neither seen nor heard from the coast.

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More could follow
The park is expected to produce 800MW and be able to supply enough energy to power Denmark’s seven biggest cities. To reach this formidable level of energy production, about 50-75 massive wind turbines standing 250 metres high are required.

While the plans for the park won’t be ready for another six years, a contractor should be in place by 2021. The government believes the park can be erected without public financing – aside from the costs associated with laying the cables needed to connect the park to the rest of the power grid.

Moreover, the government also expects to unveil additional wind park projects by 2022, depending on how much power is needed.

Denmark’s biggest currently planned wind energy park is the Kriegers Flak project, which has a capacity of over 600MW and is expected to be completed by 2021.