Denmark among most expensive places in Europe for petrol

Danes fifth on latest edition of Europe’s Fuel Price Index

According to the new Europe’s Fuel Price Index, published by the British online tyre firm Just Tyres, Denmark is among the most expensive countries in Europe when it comes to petrol.

The index ranked Denmark fifth in Europe in terms of the distance drivers can travel on £50’s worth (about 426 kroner) of petrol.

“Drivers in Denmark can only travel 418 miles with £50’s worth of petrol. Denmark also ranks in 14th place for diesel,” Just Tyres wrote.

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Bulgarian bliss
Norway (392 miles) gave the shortest distance in Europe for 50£, followed by the Netherlands (403 miles), Italy (403 miles), Greece (409 miles) and Denmark.

Portugal (421 miles), France (427 miles), Finland (434 miles), Sweden (441 miles) and Ireland (455 miles) rounded out the top 10.

Drivers in Bulgaria got most bang for their petrol buck with 602 miles, followed by Poland (571 miles), Romania (566 miles) Hungary (544 miles) and Luxembourg (538 miles).