Summer-like weather looks set to continue in Denmark

A bit of rain possible on Ascension Day, but otherwise clear skies and warm temperatures for the next three weeks

Sunny weather has prevailed over Denmark for nearly a week and, except for a brief break tomorrow, it looks like it will continue for as long as three weeks.

The current warm spell has even included what passes for a ‘summer’s day’ in Denmark, with temperatures getting above 25 degrees on Monday. That’s the third time since April that benchmark has been reached, and more may be in the offing.

Most places will see around 20 degrees today, and DMI’s long-range forecast is predicting the next three weeks could be just as pleasant, making the prognosis much better than it usually is this time of year.

“A stable high-pressure system will provide nice weather throughout the country and daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees for the next two to three weeks,” meteorologist Thor Hartz told Ekstra Bladet.

A wet Ascension
A cold front will pass through during tomorrow’s Ascension Day holiday, possibly bringing rain and even some thunder in some areas, but things heat up again on Friday (when, let’s face it, most people are taking an extra day off).

“The high pressure will rebuild over the northern part of Scandinavia, which creates pretty much optimal conditions for us,” explained Hartz.

Which way to the beach?
Ocean temperatures are currently between 10 and 12 degrees – still too cool for most people, but if the warm weather continues the water could heat up quickly and attract bathers to the beaches sooner than usual.