Denmark maybe not so ‘green’ after all

Researchers say some climate change markers are actually pretty low

Denmark is far from the top of the class when it comes to combating climate change – at least according to a report released by a group of 301 Danish researchers over the weekend.

In reality, Danes are among the worst offenders. High levels of  importing and using foreign products and CO2 emissions – leading causes of climate change –send Denmark to the back of the class.

The researchers told Politiken that Danish CO2 emissions are far greater than the official UN reports show.

Sketchy books
They attributed the discrepancy to misleading accounting methods. For example, goods that Denmark imports from China show up on the Chinese side of the ledger, even though it is Danes who are buying and using them.

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The researchers concluded their gloomy report by saying the planet is close to “a last call” when it comes to combating climate change, questioning why the transport minister, Ole Birk Olesen, is calling for even more major roads to be constructed throughout the country.

When reminded that complaints about traffic noise have risen dramatically in five years, Olesen told Jyllands-Posten that “road noise is a major societal problem that unfortunately affects many people along the roads”.