Warm Whit in Denmark

Air and water temperatures will be warmer than usual for Monday’s bank holiday

The upcoming long weekend looks to be a good one – especially on Sunday and Whit Monday when the sun will shine and temperatures will hit 23 degrees.

And should you decide that’s a bit warm, you can actually go swimming without turning blue or losing body parts. Bathing waters around the country are five degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year.

Take the plunge!
Water temperatures in Holbæk currently measure 19.6 degrees, while the Limfjord is up to 20 degrees. The Kattegat and Øresund are a bit cooler at 15-16 degrees, with warmer temperatures along the coasts. 

DMI meteorologist Martin Lindberg said the weekend will start off a little cooler.

“Temperatures fall a little on Friday and Saturday,” he told Ekstra Bladet. “There could even be a few showers – especially on Friday.”

Perchance to dream
Things warm up for Sunday and Monday, and Lindberg said the weather for the rest of the week looks outstanding with a warming trend sending temperatures back up to around 25 degrees.

He was even cautiously optimistic that after an exceptionally bad Danish summer last year, there is hope for 2018.

“It looks promising when we look at the long-range forecasts, although we can never be completely sure that unstable weather will occur.”