Controversial Danish poet interrupts Royal Run broadcast

Yahya Hassan treid to extend his fading 15 minutes at Crown Prince’s expense

While most of the country was celebrating Crown Prince Frederik’s participation in the weekend’s Royal Run to celebrate his 50th birthday, the semi-famous Danish poet and well-known media hustler Yahya Hassan used the moment to grab a bit of the spotlight.

TV2 reporter Kristian Holt was broadcasting live when Hassan stepped into the shot screaming,

“What’s up, boss? What’s up, boss? Welcome to Aarhus. It’s my city, not the Crown Prince’s.”

Holt replied that it was everyone’s town to which Hassan replied, “It’s Yahya Hassan that’s in town, I promise you that.”

Hassan left the frame for a moment only to circle back in and shout, somewhat cryptically, “Should it start with Adam and Eve every time with you? Can you remember that time in Valby where you played dumb?”

Ready for his closeup, if he does say so himself
Hassan then told Holt, “I have always shown you respect, but if you do not show me respect, you do not get any respect.”

Hassan’s own Facebook post of the incident shows him continuing his rant after he is no longer on the TV cameras.

“Come on, boss. Come on. Look here! I have a kilo on me,” he says.

Police said that they had already been keeping an eye on Hassan, who has been tried, convicted and jailed in the past for shooting a man in the leg.

Faded glory
Hassan released an acclaimed volume of poetry in 2013. He has since been involved in several violent incidents, including the shooting of a 17-year-old in March of 2016. He was also a failed candidate for parliament in 2015.

Police said there were no other incidents involving Hassan or anyone else during the run. Hassan later tweeted an ‘apology’ to Holt saying he was sorry for his behaviour, but that the TV host “Should have expected it”.

Hassan’s Facebook version of the stunt can be seen here.